The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Preschool Printables: P is for Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Preschool Printables: P is for Pumpkin

Last week's "Mommy School" theme was P is for pumpkin!
Here are some of the printables I made using PicMonkey, as well as, some of the activities we did together...

Since P was our letter for the week, we practiced writing it on dry erase boards.  Lydia Grace even drew a picture of a pumpkin.  This was a great opportunity for us to talk about other words that start with the letter p.

Other handwriting printables...

Pom poms of each color were glued into the spaces.

Please do not think I'm a complete dork, but...
Do you know that awful fox song?  The one that goes, "What does the fox say?"  Well...
I started singing, "What does the p say?" And made the p sound.  Yep...I sure did.  The kids got so tickled by my rendition.  Hey, if you make a song that sounds like it was intended for preschoolers, I'm probably going to take it and run with it.  {laughing}

We, of course, had our regular music time too with instruments, singing, dancing, and bubbles!

Story Time
We read several books about fall and pumpkins.  For our flannel board activity, I read the following poem while placing 5 felt pumpkins up on the board.



Pumpkin bread was our snack one day.  A bag of crackers with a special pumpkin candy hidden inside made a fun snack option another day.  Juice was served in cute pumpkin sippers.

Turn your P into a pretty picture or even paint a prince or princess with a crown...

We also cut and glued faces onto pumpkins.

Fine Motor Skills
Please excuse how faded my own printouts look.  It is time for a new print cartridge.

Creative Movement
We "grew like pumpkins", "played the pipe", "pounced like a panther", and did other movements involving the letter P!

Can you tell that I am loving this whole Stay at Home Mommy thing?!  I guess you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher.
Happy learning!

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  1. I'm quite speechless, as you are soooooooooooooooo creative!!
    Fun project and you such wonderful result :)
    We don't celebrate Halloween..... but I could use some of these ideas for another holiday (quite similar)


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