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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brit Kits

If you stopped by yesterday, you probably saw snapshots of the recent craft party that I hosted.  The best part of the party (other than getting to spend time with some great ladies) was the craft, of course.  What craft party is complete without a fabulous craft?  And the August Brit Kits were certainly fabulous!  Each kit contained the supplies to make a Paint Splattered Travel Case, as well as, a few other fun goodies from VELCRO Brand.  

A friend of mine who is an art teacher decided to get creative and do something different with the gold nail polish intended for splattering across the case.  She took a can, painted the bottom rim, and began stamping her travel case.  Brilliant!  That got the ball rolling for others to begin thinking beyond the kit's directions and to come up with their own creative design plan.  From monogramming to using crinkled paper, techniques were abound!  How would you paint your own travel case?

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Happy crafting!

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