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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School Fashion for Kids

The Target flyer came in the mail the other day and got me!  I'll admit it! Those ads are designed to make you want to run out and shop, and it worked like a charm! I just couldn't help it! They had the cutest "Back to School" clothes plastered all over the ad along with some great coupons.

I know that none of my kiddos start grade school for at least one more year, and even then we may homeschool, but I hate to pass up the opportunity to get amazing deals on clothes for the kids! I actually started taking advantage of the "Back to School" sales when Lydia Grace was one-year-old. I think it served as a form of retail therapy for me. At that time, I was still teaching at a brick and mortar public school and going back to school time meant going back to work for me and having to leave my baby with a sitter. I still feel the anxiety just thinking about those days.  I'm so blessed to have a job that allows me to stay home with my kiddos now.

Sorry. I'll get back on topic...

Yes, I went "Back to School" shopping at Target. I know that many people dread it for the expense and hassle, but I had a blast! It is what you make of it! I truly wish they sold some of the items I bought for L.G. in my size. It was fun playing around with different options and mixing and matching pieces. Here's what I came up with...

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Shift Dress ($14) + Pink Cardigan ($14) + Striped Cardigan ($16.99) + Tights ($4.99) + Purse ($8) + Bracelets ($4.99) + Spotted Tank ($9.08) + Long Sleeve Purple Blouse ($9.99) + Turquoise Sparkle Top ($8.00) + Cat Tee ($9.99) + Floral Skirt ($7.98) + Pink Skirt ($12.99) + Dark Denim Jeans ($10.00) + White Jeans ($14.99) + Animal Print Leggings ($14.99) + Gold Sparkle Shoes ($14.99)
-$5 coupon
-5% for using a Target Debit Card

Caleb is still all set on clothes, but I did shop for Eli.  Cute clothes are sometimes harder to find for boys, but I think I came up with some great options...

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Hoodie ($10) + Chinos ($4.50) + Athletic Shorts ($5) + Racing Tee ($3) + Sports Tee ($5) + Striped Boat Tee ($5) + Shoes ($16.99)
-$5 another coupon
-5% for using a Target Debit Card
Happy shopping!
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