The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Motherhood: Enjoying the Adventure Even When Things Aren't "Peachy"

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Motherhood: Enjoying the Adventure Even When Things Aren't "Peachy"

Motherhood certainly is an adventure!
It can turn even the simplest of trips in a challenging feat.
I envisioned an outing where we would meet up with friends at a local fruit and berry patch and happily collect berries in our baskets.
Like I said...
Motherhood has a way of turning trips into a challenge though.
Something set Eli off, and he entered into tantrum mode before we even got started.
I think we might be hitting the tantrum two's.  
I know most people call them the terrible two's, but there is more about this stage that is terrific than terrible.
The tantrums hit full force for kids at this age though because they have reached a point in their development where they are very specific and opinionated on what they want but can't always communicate those wants.
Case in point: Eli wanted something and I couldn't understand what it was, so he threw a tantrum.  A few of them...
We were 20 minutes and multiple tantrums and time-outs into our outing when Lydia Grace turned her listening ears off and kept trying to wander off.  Tired of Eli's behavior and not wanting to be given a warning about her own, she suddenly wanted to go home.  Something about not wanting to get dirty was thrown in with her plea too.  Sheesh!  My sweet kiddos obviously need more exposure to nature and perhaps even what life on a farm is like.  So...
one child was crying...
another one wanted to leave...
I could only hope that the baby at home with his daddy made for a happier image than we did at that very second.
What do you do?
Well, I took a deep breath and said,
"No, we are not going to go home yet.  We are here to pick berries and to have fun.  It's an adventure, so let's get started.  This will be fun!"
Lydia Grace picked up her basket, threw some berries in, and Eli followed her example.
That was it!  My little universe suddenly shifted, and they were happily jumping from one vine to another gathering fruit as they went.  When we traveled further to pick grapes and apples, they delighted in the animals we encountered along the way and kept giggling at the sounds they made.
It was as though the first little blip of our outing hadn't even happened.
That's when I heard thunder.  The rain soon followed.  Hot, sweaty, and now wet, we quickly grabbed some grapes and apples and began our trek in the rain back to the front building to pay for our loot.  I told the kids, "Just pretend you are at a water park.  This is an adventure!"
And it certainly was...
That's how motherhood is...
An adventure!
Things don't always go perfectly.
But it isn't about looking for perfection.
It's about embracing the experience and enjoying the moment for what it is.
The perfect days are when we take a deep breath, brush ourselves off, look for the positive, and keep on going.
We can make plans, but when life sets in...
All you can do is love your kids, love the adventure, and love the day!
Happy adventures!


  1. I didn't know he had grapes! I only got peaches & blackberries.

  2. Glad you guys ended up having a good time! :-) Handled like a great mom.


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