The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Mini Sandboxes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Sandboxes

Last summer I made mini sandboxes for the kids to play with.  This summer...
we added a couple more to the collection--a farm adventure sandbox and a beach adventure sandbox.

photo storage boxes
foam brush
Mod Podge
stickers and die-cuts
colored sand
minatures (We like to use the ones branded Toob.)
shells or other small items

Easy, fun, and perfect for playtime!  For more box play ideas, visit the links below...
Happy playtime!


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. Just grabbed your blog button, I am looking forward to participating in the next link party. :)

  2. I'm visiting from the All Our Days link-up. What a cute idea! We rarely get to visit the beach since we live in the Midwest, but when we do, the favorite thing to do is play in the sand. So, I think my children would really enjoy a beach themed box. The options are endless, really. :)


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