The Life of Jennifer Dawn: The Story Behind the 1 Month Photo Shoot

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Story Behind the 1 Month Photo Shoot

I was a few days late taking Caleb's one month photos.  He turned one month old on April 16, but neither one of us were up for pictures that day.  He had gotten very sick forcing Tim and I to take him to the ER the Saturday before his one month milestone.  They admitted him in order to keep his condition from worsening and resulting in dehydration. He was diagnosed with a GI virus, and we were able to go home a couple of days later when his condition seemed to improve.  Their instructions were to gradually work him off the clear liquids diet and back onto his formula.  I managed to finally get the pictures taken on one of the days we were home but was delayed in posting them because he started getting sick again.  We ended up back in the hospital this past weekend.  A few days at the hospital, several tests, and multiple GI consults later...we had a different diagnosis.  My sweet baby's formula was making him sick due to a severe milk protein allergy.  He was also suffering from GERD and colitis which may have been caused by the allergy and will get better with time.  We were told that he may have some tummy issues for the next few months, but the new hypoallergenic formula and medicine seem to be putting him on the mend.  With much persuasion and prayer we were able to go home, and he seems to be doing better.  We were told that many babies with a similar allergic reaction have a month long stay at the hospital, so we are so thankful that we were permitted to go home with him after only a few days.  The sweet little guy has had a lot of people praying for him, and I am also thankful that we aren't dealing with something more serious.  What a rough first month my sweet boy has had...
So kiss-ably sweet!
Lydia Grace and Eli wanted to get in on the fun too...
Happy moments (even in the midst of a stressful time)!

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  1. Jennifer,
    I'm so glad little Caleb is doing better! He is a sweet & handsome fellow. My "baby" just turned 21 yesterday, though it seems like only yesterday she was as tiny as Caleb! Time flies by so quickly, so enjoy every moment with your beautiful little ones! You are certainly blessed with a lovely family!
    All the best to you,


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