The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Spring Cleaning Day 2

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 2

I hope Day 1 of your Spring Clean went well.  Remember that it's all about doing a little each day (maintenance) and finding a routine that works for you (getting organized).  The cleaning schedule I use may not be the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.  The system I'm sharing with you is what I've found has worked for me on my quest to maintain a neat, tidy home with three kiddos and a full-time job.  Hopefully cleaning along with me this week will help put you on the path to finding your own cleaning routine.

Before we get started today, let's talk a little more about deep cleaning...
These are the tasks that you don't need to do as often, but completing them really takes your home to a higher level of cleanliness and organization.  This list shows some suggested deep clean tasks.

You know what your home needs right now to look its best, so chose any task you would like to do for the day.  I like to fill in my calendar at the beginning of the month with the tasks I want to accomplish.  Some tasks may take a few days or even a whole week to complete.  That's perfectly fine.  Remember this system is all about maintaining a clean home while still getting to spend most of your time on the more important things.  Use this calendar to plan your deep clean tasks ahead of time.  These tasks are ones that I typically like to do at nap time or in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed.  Due to the fact that they are a little more involved, I only work on them Monday through Thursday.

Choose your deep clean task for the day, and let's take a look at today's other cleaning tasks...

 Throw one load into the wash this morning.  Dry, fold, and put away that load as time allows. 
Starting the day off by throwing in a load of laundry and making the bed, not only gets your day off to a clean start, but it allows you to feel very productive as you mark two things off your list.  If your kiddos are old enough, they can make their own bed.  Age appropriate chores can be a great way to teach kids responsibility.
Bathrooms (Day 1):
 Confession: Cleaning the bathrooms was once my least favorite chore, until I found a quick and easy way to clean them...
I like to do the bathrooms over the course of two days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  Tuesday's bathroom task is done in two rounds.  Round one: If you are cleaning along with me, go into each bathroom today with a multipurpose bathroom cleaner.  Generously spray the counters, sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets excluding the toilet bowls.  Round two: Go back through the bathrooms and wipe down everything you sprayed with a damp cloth.  Wipe things down in this order: shower, tub, counter, sink, and toilet.  Scrubbing from the cleanest to dirtiest areas ensures germ-free and efficient cleaning.  Switch to a clean cloth for each bathroom or as the cloth you are using becomes too dirty.  That's it for today.  Just spray and wipe.
 Time saving bathroom tips:
*Instead of using a cleaner and cloth, you can clean the bathroom surfaces in one round with bathroom cleaning wipes.
*If your kids like to stay and play in the bath as long as mine do, use this time to go ahead and clean the counter, sink, and toilet while they are splashing and playing in the tub during bath time.  I have small kiddos that I wouldn't dare leave alone in the bathroom, so multitasking while I'm in there helps.
*Carry your cleaning supplies with you in a basket as you go into each bathroom so that everything is handy.
 You should have already wiped down the counters yesterday evening, so just stay on top of the dishes as you go throughout your day.  At the end of the day, give the counters and kitchen table a good wipe down, so that you can start the next morning off with a clean kitchen.
 Keep a clutter basket at one end of your home.  Towards the conclusion of the day, grab the basket and work your way through the house straightening up any clutter and putting things in the basket that are out of place and need to be carried to their correct "home".  If you've maintained the clutter throughout the day, this shouldn't take very long.  The kiddos can also pitch in with this task especially if the clutter is their toys.
Yesterday I shared with you my vacuuming shortcut.  I have one of the robotic vacuums that does the work for me.  I use it to vacuum a different area of the house each day.  It is a huge help and time saver.  Without one of these, save the vacuuming for Floor Day on Thursday and just spot clean as needed today.  Getting the vacuum out is half the battle, so it could waste a lot of time getting it out everyday.  (Unless, of course, you have a vacuum that will run on its own.)

Does this seem like a lot?
Let me simplify all of this to show you how quick and easy today's tasks really are...
Throw in one load of laundry and make your bed first thing this morning.  Clean the dishes after each meal.  Spot clean the floor as needed.  At some point, spray and wipe down the bathroom surfaces.  Since you are going to be cleaning the bathrooms today anyway, you can make your deep clean task one for the bathroom.  Do you need to organize a drawer or cabinet while you are in there?  That can be your deep clean task.  Pick up the clutter and clean the kitchen counters at the end of the day.  That load of laundry you threw in earlier can be dried and folded while you are watching The Voice tonight.  {chuckle}
It's truly quick and easy once your fall into a routine.
Happy cleaning!

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