The Life of Jennifer Dawn: It's a new year! Get decorative with Jamie from Jaysworld!

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a new year! Get decorative with Jamie from Jaysworld!

I always get inspired to "spruce up" the house at the start of a new year.  Already furniture has been finding a new home, things have been moved, new items have been added...
I'm even in the process of redoing the nursery that Eli will share with baby Caleb who is due in March.

Have you been doing your own redecorating?

One beautiful way to add character to your home is with the use of vintage books.  One of my favorite things about Jamie from Jaysworld is her ability to stage and create lovely book arrangements.  Her blog has some inspiring ideas.  Jamie's shop houses beautiful collections to help you get decorative for the new year.

How does Jamie get her shop ready for a brand new year?

"I love the new year! I begin to search everywhere and anywhere I can to seek all the new and upcoming colors for spring and summer! I will then begin to create collections in those colors! Staying ahead of the game is fun for everyone!"

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