The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Eli's New Woodsman Onesie

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eli's New Woodsman Onesie

I had always heard that finding cute clothes for boys was more of a challenge than finding clothes for girls.  With the birth order of my children being girl, boy, and now expecting a second boy, I have learned that this is true.  Look at this cute onesie though...
It is Eli's new hunter green woodsman onesie from Nostalgic Graphic Tees.  He loves it because the onesie is made from a super soft cotton.  Eli has always been one to snuggle up against soft blankets and stuffed animals.  He didn't want to take this onesie off the first time he wore it.  I love it for its durability, quality, and unique design.  What an adorable image of a little guy dragging his handpicked tree home with him!

Elizabeth has a shop filled with dresses, tees, and onesies all featuring whimsical designs as cute as this one.  She stirs up my own childhood nostalgia when she describes the inspiration behind her designs...

"Seeing my children grow and develop their imaginations made me feel nostalgic of some of my own childhood memories. I remembered the joy in picking a flower, playing on a see saw, twirling in a tutu, catching that first firefly of the summer, looking at clouds against a blue sky, blowing bubbles, fishing in grandaddy’s pond, riding a bike. I loved reliving those simple moments with my own family and wanted to capture them in some fashion."

Be sure to pay Elizabeth a visit to see all of her wonderful products...
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Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh, i LOVE Nostalgic Graphic Tees---aren't they the cutest?!?! This was one of my favorites in the shop!!!


    1. I do love them. I am thinking about getting the dress for my daughter that would match Eli's onesie. :)


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