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Monday, November 19, 2012

Design Board

In preparation for Caleb's arrival in March, I am redoing the room that Eli and him will share.  For months, I've been gathering ideas and inspiration from across the web for their room redo.  Here is a design board that I made in order to compile all of these random sources and products into one cohesive idea for how I want the room to look.
What do you think?  It's a starting place.  I've got some shopping, sewing, and decorating to do.

Baby Name & ABC Prints: Blessed Design Studio
Rug: Target
Green Canvas Storage: Target
Rise & Shine Print: A Livy Love Designs print used and photographed by Little Miss Momma
Urban Circus by Robert Kaufman Fabric: Raspberry Creek Fabrics and Trims
Paper Lantern Idea: Pinterest
Crib: Our current one from Baby Depot (We will need two now.)
Pennant Banner Idea: Little Miss Momma
Chair: Used classroom chair (We have several in our garage that Tim's step dad found for us.)
Light Blue Table: Ikea
123 Storage Tubs: Ikea
Vintage Books: Jaysworld
Tent: Ikea

Want to make your own design board?

1. I use PicMonkey (a free photo editing site).  Choose and load any photo that you have saved onto your computer.  It doesn't matter which one because you are just going to cover it up.  Click the overlay button.  Stretch a rectangular overlay across the entire surface of your photo.  Be sure to make the overlay the color that your want your design board background to be.  Save the photo.  I called mine "white blank".

2. Go back to the main page.  Select and load your blank page to edit.

3. Choose the overlay feature again.  Click on "Your Own" to add pictures you have gathered and saved of ideas and products.

4. Arrange the photo overlays into a visually appealing collage.  Finish the design board off with a label and text.

Happy designing!

*Affiliate links have been added to help guide you to the perfect product to complete your own room makeover.


  1. I LOVE everything in it!!!! I'm about to move my boys together and have to get my motivation going:)


  2. So exciting!
    I love how colorful it'll be!

  3. I love it!!! So colorful and such a happy theme.


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