The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Downtown Family Photo Shoot

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Downtown Family Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, the four of us--five of us counting the sweet baby who will be born in March--met up downtown with Lori Johnson (my friend and go-to photographer) for a family photo shoot.  Since it was the day after Eli's 1st birthday, we continued the celebration with cupcakes from a local cafe.  Here are some photos from our downtown adventure.
After we finished the photo shoot, we ate dinner downtown and went to my parents' house to visit.  Daddy had not gone into the hospital yet.  He was still smiling, fighting the cancer, and tickled to see the kids.  He loved L.G.'s outfit and Eli's new "big boy" shoes.  Pictures always tell such a strong story.  These in particular remind me not only of a special evening spent downtown with my husband and children, but also of the smiles and laughs we shared with both of my parents afterwards.  I know that Daddy is smiling down on us now and would want us to share many more special evenings together just like this one.

Do something special with your family today!  Life is too short not to soak up every moment!
Happy memories!


  1. Beautiful photos friend.
    I couldn't agree with you more.
    We are 1/2 way through a 9 day visit with my grandparents, aunt/uncle (their 2 little ones), and my Dad arrives today. It's wonderful to create memories with family.

  2. ohhh such great pics! love the one of your little one looking through the glass at the cup cakes! lol.


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