The Life of Jennifer Dawn: I Felt Like I Was On Craft Wars...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Felt Like I Was On Craft Wars...

Have you seen Craft Wars?  It's a show on TLC where contestants battle it out in timed craft challenges for prize money and the honor of being a craft champion.

A little over a week ago as I was preparing for my sister's bridal shower, battling with these cute glass jugs, and trying to get everything completed in time...
I felt like I was on that show.  My husband even joked with me, "It's like Craft Wars!  It's not working out and you're running out of time."
Thanks, babe!

But he was right...
The night before the shower, I had purchased two large cases of Starbuck's frappuccino drinks from Sam's where everything comes in bulk.
When I got home, I did the following steps to each glass jar...
1. Open bottle
2. Pour frappuccino into pitchers
3. Peel off labels
4. Soak bottle in a sink of warm soapy water
5. Scrub the bottle with a scrub brush  (This got the date scrubbed off, but I was still left with the sticky label residue.)

Which left me thinking...
What am I going to do about the sticky residue?
Yep, I loaded all 24 jars into the dishwasher and washed them FOUR times.

Let's jump ahead to the next morning.  (I should add that I am talking about the morning of the shower.)
 I went to the dishwasher, pulled out a glass jar, and felt the sides expecting them to be residue free.
Guess what?!  They actually felt stickier than the night before.

Here was my thought process...
What do I do about the stickiness?
The guest can't hold them when they are this sticky.
I've spend too much time and money to ditch the whole I ordered those cute paper straws from Etsy that I was going to use with them.
Come on...I'm a crafty person.  Think of something.
I could try scrubbing them some more.  (Tried and failed.)
Rubbing alcohol!  (Ran to get the rubbing alcohol.  Tried.  Failed again.)
Glitter!  That's it.  The answer to all craft dilemmas.  I'll glitter them.  If it sticks to double sided tape, it will surely stick to the bottles.  (A BIG craft fail! One lonely little glittered bottle is still hidden under my kitchen sink.)
Oh my goodness!  I really do feel like I'm on that show.  Think!
Fabric!  I have some muslin that might look cute.  That's it.  I'll add fabric.  Why didn't I think of that before.

Conversation to my daughter...
"Okay, Lydia Grace.  Mommy is going to cover the outside of the jars with fabric and  you can stick the straws in."  (Score!  Pure cuteness!  The fabric stuck beautifully without having to even add any other adhesive.  Proof of how sticky they still really are.  Now I didn't win any prize money for solving my craft dilemma, but the jars did get huge compliments at the shower.)
The downfall was that all of the fabric had to be removed before washing them after the shower.  Ideally I would still like to get the label residue off, but for now I'll just cover them in fabric when I want to use them.

Do you have any suggestions?
Other than glitter...

Update: A fellow blogger shared a little trick in her book to getting labels off glass jars. You'll never guess. Peanut butter! So...I smeared peanut butter over the jars, let them sit, and rewashed them. It worked! Although the fabric was an adorable solution for the shower, I'm very pleased with my non-sticky jars now.
Happy crafting!


  1. I love how you improvised! Great idea with the fabric. (Also, I love the Craft Wars reference... it totally make me giggle.) I wonder if scrubbing the sticky with a product such as "Goo-Gone" would work. I can't seem to think of another way to cover them that would still be washable.


  2. Girl, you have got to get some goo gone! They did turn out super cute though!

  3. I used goo gone. I think that's what is called.

  4. You should try Goo be gone! That stuff always works for me. I use a butter knife to scratch it off then wash well with warm soapy water.

  5. These are sooo stinking adorable.. I love the fabric.. such a genius idea to hide the glue!
    And this post is HILARIOUS! I just love crafting under pressure~
    p.s. Next time, try some goo gone! Takes off the residue!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  6. What an adorable and funny post. I love that you felt like you were on Craft Wars as you frantically tried to find a solution. In the end, I think it worked to your advantage because they turned out really adorable with the fabric around them. And, I have to agree, goo be gone :)

  7. love. love. love this idea! so what did you do with the frapp inside after you poured it into the pitcher? did you use it for them to drink later on?
    I totally want to try this - just trying to think of an event to try it at...ha. thanks for sharing - by the way, I'm your newest follower from FMW and I am TOTALLY stoked to read more from ya!

  8. I've used the magic eraser and that worked out well.

  9. I second the Goo Gone. (third? fourth? lol) But what I use for the same bottles is acetone nail polish remover, its cheaper. I used the exact same bottles for spice jars.

  10. This really made me chuckle! I love that you over came your craft emergency :-)

  11. Yep-- goo gone!! You poor thing-- but way to improvise!! Thanks for sharing at Pin It Thursday!

  12. SO funny, but the fabric wrap is adorable! I also think goo gone works pretty well, but I also have scrubbed the goo off with soap, warm water, and steel wool.

  13. I use the Starbucks bottles as well and my husband was able to get the sticky off for me using soap, warm water, and a scouring pad like April (above) said. Goo Gone is good for the smaller sticky situations (i.e. price tag stickiness) but it has such a strong smell especially when using on a larger area. I don't care to use it on any items that will be in contact with food. The fabric was pretty and super creative though!!!

  14. Peanut butter works to get the sticky off of jars. Just rub a small amount on the goo... and it takes it right off.. THEN wash in dishwasher! Good luck next time you get a sticky mess!


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