The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Product Review: The Tulle Box and Metallic Muse

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review: The Tulle Box and Metallic Muse

Here's a playful little banter that often takes place between the hubby and me.
Maybe you can relate...

Hubby: Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? 
Me: I don't know. Look at them and see if they look clean. I'm trying to {insert one--clean, dress, feed...} {insert one--Lydia Grace, Eli, or both}.
Hubby: Well, did you run the dishwasher recently?
Me: I don't remember.  Just try to figure out if they look clean.
 Hubby: I'm not sure...I'm just going to run it again.

Has anyone else ever had a similar conversation?  Are we alone in this prediciment?  Surely not...

I am guessing that similar conversation must have frequently taken place at Chrystal's house (Chrystal is the designer and owner of The Tulle Box on Etsy) because she designed one of these genius items...

It's a dishwasher magnet that not only adds a splash of color to an otherwise boring appliance, but it can be moved from "clean" to dirty" in order to specify the current state of the dishes.

Now I can just tell the hubby, "Look at the magnet!"

When I received mine in the mail, I was quite impressed with its quality and brightness.  Lydia Grace loved it too.  She has even learned to read the words dirty and clean and helps me move it accordingly.  Yep, it can help teach your preschooler two new words.  Eli also loves it and despite the fact that his little hands have grabbed it up many times, it has still held up.

Chrystal's shop The Tulle Box not only carries these brilliant dishwasher magnets, but lovely banners, baby mobiles, and other housewares.

Oh!  There's more.  Not only is Chrystal the very talented designer and owner of The Tulle Box, but she is also the creative mind behind two other Etsy shops--Metallic Muse and Chrystalyn.

Metallic Muse carries eye-catching jewelry items like the fabric wrapped bracelet I'm wearing here...

Don't you just love unique, fun accessories that add an extra pop of color to your outfit?!

Be sure to visit Chrystal's fabulous Etsy shops all of which carry colorful, quality, and truly unique items!
Happy Shopping!

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