The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Oh Boy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh Boy!

You must be exceptionally tired when you can fall asleep during dinner...
My sweet boy, I know you are usually ready for bed by 7 in the evening, but this is a tad too early to be falling asleep.

A good eater and a good sleeper!  I guess knocking all of the DVD's out of their rack, throwing dirt out of mommy's potted houseplants, and getting into anything and everything but your toys really wears a baby out.

You are mommy's rambunctious but adorable sweetheart...
And I love you!


  1. He he he!
    Oh my.
    Sounds like he's hitting a growth spurt like Bitsy.
    The other day she slept until 8am, napped from noon to 4pm and then went to bed at her normal scheduled time of 6:30pm....I'm afraid I'm going to go in and find that she's grown 6" one of these days.
    She's actually been sleeping that much for the past few days, no fever or anything, just tired and growing I guess.
    Can you believe 1st birthdays are just around the corner???

  2. Wow! She's sleeping great! Maybe it is a growth spurt.

    No, it is hard to believe that they are both about to be one. I'd invite you and Bitsy to Eli's party, sweet friend, if you didn't live so far away. Maybe one day we can plan a meeting. :)


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