The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Top Twelve Trends of Blogging Moms

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top Twelve Trends of Blogging Moms

What's Hot?
(In no particular order & featuring a few of my favorite blogs and shops)

Paper Straws at Parties

 Brown and White Chevron Cotton for Riley Blake, 1 Yard

Social Sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Google +...)

Buying Handmade
60 "Thanks for your order" kraft round labels/seals

Source: Clean Mama

Pennants, Pinwheels, and Pom Poms

Source: Lil Blue Boo

Posting on Anything & Everything Involving Our Kids
Source: The Macs

Making things more beautiful...anything from our home to a plain t-shirt Source: Tea Rose Home

Being Creative
i heart messy crafts!
Source: Whatever

Having a place to call our own--either a tangible place (office, craft room, craft closet...) or one that only exists in the cyber world (Our blog!) 

Being genuine, open, and true to ourselves
Source: Calico

And a Few Things That Are Not...
Putting internet time above family time
Leaving rude comments
Failing to follow the rules of "Blogging Etiquette"
Being anything other that our wonderful, fabulous selves


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