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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kiwi Crates

Guess what came in the mail last week?
Lydia Grace's first Kiwi Crate!
Fun and engaging projects for kids ages 3-7. Delivered monthly.  <Join Kiwi Crate today!>

Eli typically goes to bed between 6 and 7 p.m., so I thought that digging into the Kiwi Crate would be a great thing for L.G. and I to do together before her 8:30ish bedtime.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Eli goes to bed THAT early and sleeps through the night until around 7 or 8 a.m.  Please don't hate me.  The amazing thing is that he has slept like this from the very beginning and takes two naps during the day.  Again, please don't hate me.  Trust me, L.G. kept me sleep deprived enough for the both of them when she was a baby.

Back on topic...
After Eli goes to bed, L.G. and I always have time to do some "big girl" activities like painting our nails, baking something together...and on this occasion, exploring the new Kiwi Crate!  When I handed her the box, she didn't have a clue what was inside, but she knew it was for her and she was very excited to open it...

Ready to see what's inside?  I know we were...
Each box is themed and filled with individually wrapped kits that follow that theme.  Lydia Grace's box was labeled "Fairy Fun" and contained a wand kit, paper doll kit, and flower headband kit.  Each kit had...
*ALL of the necessary materials (right down to the tape and markers)  Did I mention that the markers were metallic shimmer markers?
*Lots of extra materials (I'm thinking future projects!)
*Colorful, kid-friendly instructions
*A parent guide complete with a messiness gauge, parent involvement gauge, a list of skills that the child
utilizes while completing the project, and extension activities

Fairy Wand!
(This project required a little help from mommy.)
Flower Headband!
(She was able to independently complete this activity .)
My Review:
I'm sold!  These convenient kits contain quality supplies and are well-organized, educational, kid-friendly, and best of all...FUN!

Lydia Grace's Review
(because that's the review that really matters)
"This is fun, mommy!  Look at my wand!  It's precious!  Daddy, I made a wand!  I want to make somethin' else!"

Yes, my three-year-old used the word precious.  And she was very proud of her creations.
Be sure to check out Kiwi Crates for yourself...
You can make one-time purchases, sign-up for a monthly subscription, or buy a gift subscriptions for someone else  There are a lot of options...

Delightful kids' crafts delivered right to your door.  <Visit Kiwi Crate!>

Happy Creating!

1 comment:

  1. So cool!
    I'll have to keep this in mind for Bitsy as she gets a little older.
    As for Eli sleeping so awesome, that's a blessing!
    Bitsy does take 2 naps a day for about 2 hours each, but she doesn't go to bed until around 8-8:30 and we are up and at 'em between 6:30-7 everyday...oh and did I mention she wakes about 3 times to eat still? Oh well I don't mind. So happy Eli is making up for your previous sleep deprivation!


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