The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Dance

Monday, June 18, 2012


Lydia Grace recently had her first dance recital! She does a tap/ballet/gymnastics combo class at a local gym geared towards teaching little ones.  It was a lot of fun watching her dance! Most of the immediate family came too. I think she cared more about all of us watching her than actually dancing.  Unfortunately her Papa (my dad) missed seeing it since he was sick, so I'm sure he will appreciate the photos.  She was so excited...
 Little Miss L.G. talked of nothing else all day long!  Can you blame her?  The very first dance recital is an exciting event!  I had a bouquet of pink roses waiting on her when she finished...


  1. I can't get over her ADORABLE little ringlets!!!

  2. Your daughter is too adorable for words!!! These are precious pictures and I am sure they will cheer Papa up tremendously. Have a lovely day.

  3. I so love her! She's adorable!



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