The Life of Jennifer Dawn: An Update on My Dad

Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Update on My Dad

I am not quite sure how to even begin this post...
To say that this past week has been difficult for my family and more especially for my dad would be a huge understatement...
But it has also been a week where we have been reminded of the importance of family and friends and how great our God is!

My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past week.
Our most recent report has been that it is in the early stages and is operable!  Praise the Lord!  This is such a miracle when considering this type of cancer.  My dad is not fighting this alone!  He has a strong support system of family and friends who will stand beside him every step of the way. Please continue to keep my daddy in your prayers.  I believe in the power of prayer, and your prayers, dear friends, are greatly appreciated. God is bigger than this!  Did you hear that?  He is bigger than cancer!
God is always faithful!


  1. Your dad, family, and you will be in my prayers. Bless your heart.

  2. Oh Jennifer I am so sorry for your family but your faith is an incredibly powerful tool!! I will also pray. My cousins father in law was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. We thought it would be over however he too qualified for a rare surgery and now is doing sO well... 5 years later! I will pray for you and your family I wish I lived closer to do more for you. Please take care of yourself too!


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