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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Food

Guess who is eating solid foods now...

People aren't kidding when they say that boys tend to eat more.  This kid can eat!  I've decided that as we branch out from rice cereal and into the world of the less bland and more tasty baby foods, I am going to attempt to make most of his baby food.  I kept Gerber in business with Lydia Grace, but I have decided to venture into unknown territory and make my own baby food with Eli.

*I will know exactly what is in his food.  
*I can make it very natural and very healthy using a lot of organic fruits and vegetables.
*It will be more budget friendly.
*It will hopefully be a fun and rewarding experience to make his food for him at this stage.

*I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

Fellow mommies, if you have already taken this path...
please share with me your expertise.
Baby food recipes?
Words of Wisdom?

Thanks!  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


  1. I made all of Natalie's food when she was a baby and I'm planning to make Nathan's when he's ready. It's super easy, you basically steam the food, put it in the food processor and then freeze it in ice cube trays. I usually did big batches on the weekends so that it was easy to pack food for daycare during the week. I got most of my recipes from Wholesome Baby Food. There are a lot of great resources on that site.

  2. Hey! We are about to start food too...we are starting with oatmeal and then I have been planning to make Bitsy's food too.
    If you come by my blog you'll find the link for my Pinterest and you'll find one of my boards that is called Bitsy's Belly. It has some posts from other blogs about making baby food!
    I'm looking forward to making her food!
    Eli is so grown!


  3. How adorable is this little blog??! And that little boy! DYING! Starting solids is awesome. So glad you stopped by the PinterTest Kitchen. Link up next month! First Thursday in April.

  4. How cute is he!? I just love his hair and his big beautiful eyes!

  5. Cereals is very important for babies. After 6 to 7 months babies will grown up very fast. And We have to take care of babies while giving food. Food should be nutritious and so much vitamins are added in that foods.


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