The Life of Jennifer Dawn: A First of Many

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A First of Many

My poor little blog has missed me...
Where have I been?
I'm a working mother of two...
The only thing keeping me going right now is the caffeine in the two delicious cups of raspberry truffle coffee that I had this evening.
No further explanation needed, right?
Like any dear friend, my blog and I can just pick up where we left off though...
as if no time has passed at all.

So without further explanation, I'll jump right into the point of this post...

I love experiencing my children's FIRSTS!  You know...
the FIRST time rolling over,
the FIRST word,
the FIRST solid foods,
the FIRST time saying mommy,
the FIRST tooth,
the FIRST time crawling,
the FIRST steps!

Lydia Grace recently had another FIRST...
Her first haircut!
Don't worry!  We didn't have anything drastic done to her hair.  Just a few layers cut into it and a little trimmed off of the length. She's almost three, so at this point it was a necessity.  I have put it off and put it off, but it really did help bring her curls back to life.  She was terrified before the cutting commenced.  My sister had to distract her with toys while I held her in my lap.  After a few snips, she started to see that it didn't hurt and began to enjoy the experience.  
You can even see in the pictures her expressions going from... 
"Seriously, what are they doing to me?"
"Okay, maybe this isn't so bad."
and finally to...
"Alright, I do look pretty cute."

Now she is already wanting to have her hair cut again.  It always amazes me getting to view the world through my children's eyes.  Little haircuts become big adventures!


  1. I just found your blog via Sassy Sites and had to check out the other posts. Your daughter's hair is very similar to my daughter's, although my little one's hair isn't nearly as long although they are the same age (roughly, I'm guessing, mine will turn 3 in May). But the curls are the same! We finally got her hair cut a month or so ago because she was getting this mullet like thing going on that was super serious when her hair hadn't been washed in a few days. I hate washing it every day because it dries her super fine hair out and she needs some oils for the curls to stay super curly... Anywho, do you do anything to her hair to help tame it? I don't have the same curls, they come through my hubby's side and I feel like sometimes she needs something but I don't want to put too much product in her hair. Most days it's ok, but she's got this crazy chunk on the top of her head that just isn't long enough (or thick enough) to cooperate most days, so it goes crazy!

    She's super adorable, btw. :)

    Megan @


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