The Life of Jennifer Dawn: No Sew Felt Bowl Tutorial

Friday, December 23, 2011

No Sew Felt Bowl Tutorial


Sorry this is coming a little late.  The holidays, sickness, and life just hit me all at once.
of course, the kids come before crafting or the blog--no apologies there.
I've finally got this tutorial ready for you though.  So if you are up for it, and the holiday madness isn't closing in on's a neat little craft you can try.

*hot glue gun and glue sticks
*paper plate
*pencil or pen
*straight edge scissors and pinking shears

1. Draw a grid that looks like this on a paper plate.

2. Pin the paper plate onto a piece of felt.

3. Cut around the paper plate to make a felt circle.

3. Unpin the felt from the plate and use your pinking shears to cut around it.  This gives it a more decorative edge.

4. Pin the felt circle back onto the paper plate and make cuts going through both the plate and the felt along the line segments labeled "Cut" in the first picture.

5. Unpin the felt circle again and fold in a piece at one of the cuts.  Apply a little glue with the hot glue gun and...

6. fold up the other section at that cut.

7.  Continue doing these same two steps at each cut to make the corners of your bowl.

8. Adhere a ribbon onto the bowl by using dabs of glue.  Be sure to fold the end of the ribbon over to give it a nice finished edge.

9. Now you can fill your bowl with anything you would like.  It would be great to fill with holiday goodies and give as a gift or to fill with things that you are serving at your holiday party.  It would even be cute to hold holiday items (jingle bells) and placed out for decor'.

I will try to be on later with another craft and tutorial, so we can get caught up on this Crafty Christmas Countdown.

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