The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Neck Tie Onesie Tutorial

Monday, December 12, 2011

Neck Tie Onesie Tutorial

It's Day 12 of...
Today's tutorial...

*fabric scraps
*Basic sewing supplies
*sewing maching
*heat set glue (applique glue)
*onesie or t-shirt

1. Draw a tie  on paper--both the knot and the longer piece.  Cut out the two shapes and use them as a pattern to cut out your fabric pieces.

2. Pour out some of the heat set glue and use a paint brush to evenly coat the back of your fabric pieces with the glue.

3.  Place a piece of paper inside your onesie to keep the glue from going through both layers.  Position the fabric tie pieces where you want them on the front of the onesie.  Adhere them to the onesie by ironing over them.

4.  Using a zig-zag stitch to sew around the perimeter of your tie.  Don't back stitch at the start or finish.  This will give your stitches a more even look.

5.  Use your seam ripper to pull the loose strands to the inside of the onesie and knot them to a nearby strand.  Snip the threads off.

6.  Find a cute little boy to wear your creation.  Here's mine!

Happy crafting!


  1. How cute is your sweet boy? This is really cute!

  2. saw it on tip junkie...definitely gonnatry it for Easter thanx for sharing!


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