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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Day 1 of...

This is year two for this crafty Christmas countdown!

Want to read the story behind year 1?

This year--Season 2--is going to be a little different, but it will still be fabulous!  The 12 crafts will not all be made from the same felt and fabric like last year's, but the premise behind the crafts will still be the same--simplicity!  All of the crafts will require only basic craft materials and supplies that you probably already have stashed away somewhere.  Today you get a sneak peek of the first craft followed by its tutorial tomorrow.  The rest of the days leading up to Christmas will alternate between a craft and its tutorial.  There will even be some fabulous guests join us along the way.  Ready to see the first craft?

Happy Scrappy Barrettes
made from ribbon scraps, buttons, and barrettes.
 These would make a great gift for that little princess you have to find a lovely gift for.
 Be sure to grab your craft supplies and check back tomorrow to see the full tutorial as well as other designs!


  1. Those are simply adorable!!! I'll check back tomorrow.

    I posted a tutorial on felt ornaments:

  2. How cute, those look different from any of the variations I've made. I'll be curious to see how they were made.


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