The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Guest: Jenni from The Roseland Family

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guest: Jenni from The Roseland Family

It's Day 10 of...

And today we have a guest!  Please welcome Jenni!

 Hey there Life of Jennifer Dawn followers,  I am Jenni and I am so excited to be your guest today and having the chance to show you how to make super cute {not to mention super easy and super cheap} felt hair bows!  Thank you for having me!

Before we get started, let me tell you a little about me... I blog over in a cozy little corner of "blogland" called The Roseland Family!  There, I write a lot about my family and what goes on in our everyday, crazy busy lives!  And more often than I should, I am found in my craft room way past bed time creating something that I have pinned or already bought but known I can make on my own for next to nothing!  Does that ever happen to you?

Enter the felt hair bow.

I bought a few felt bows for my daughter, Lola's, hair at a local craft/junk sale a while back for $6 each.  I love the idea of them and just how adorable they look in her hair, but I didn't love the price {you know, only because I knew they could be made for next to nothing}. I wish I could say that I got on this right away, but I didn't.  Kinda the story of my life.  Big ideas, not enough time!  However, after a small shopping spree, more colors were needed to match outfits and it finally lit a fire under me to get started and once I started I couldn't stop!  They were so easy to crank out and I knew that not only could I make them for my daughter, but I have a stash to give as gifts this Christmas too!

They really do not take long at all.  I referenced both Ruffles and Stuff and Lines Across My Face {both have great tutorials, click on their blog name, who knows, their tutorial might be way easier to understand than mine!} and one of the bows I previously purchase for Lola to help me out!

Grab your favorite colored piece of felt and lets get started!

 Start out with an 8.5x11 sheet of felt {so many colors/patterns to chose from these days}.
And yes I do have a desk in my craft room, but somehow I always end up on the floor!  It is so much more comfortable!

 Then, cut strips approximately 8.5"x1.5" strips.  I just measure once and then laid the cut strip on top of the uncut piece of felt and make the next cut.  I made 5 strips this length {you could probably do one more, but I did make another type of felt bow, so I wanted the extra left over for that!}.  I cut about 2" off of the original strip.  I didn't want the bow that big.  Adjust it as you see fit!

 Using hot glue, I folded the two ends over, creating the bow shape, and sealed.

You will need a piece of felt approximately 8.5"x0.5" to wrap around the pinched bow.  I wrapped it around twice once I had the bow shaped how I liked it and glued it on the backside.

Just slip in an alligator clip and you are all set!  No real need to hot glue the alligator clip in, although you could if you wanted to.  If you don't you can use on clip for all of the different colors that you make!

 And just to show you how cute they really look in the hair, check out Lola!  She loves her bows and was happy to show one off for you!

Thanks again for letting me share a part of my world with you!  I would love it if you stopped over at The Roseland Family and said hello! 

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  1. thanks for having me!!! excited to be able to share a part of my world with you and your readers!!!


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