The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Christmas Through the Eyes of a Two-Year-Old

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Two-Year-Old

Lydia Grace received a camera for Christmas.  It is one of those Crayola Digital Cameras that are supposed to be virtually indestructible.  When we were scrolling through the pictures she had taken on Christmas Day, my sister suggested doing a post entitled, "Christmas through Lydia Grace's eyes".  That sounded like a great idea, so here it is...

Christmas through the eyes of a toddler who was on the loose with her very own camera.

*Disclaimer:  These pictures were taken by an energetic toddler who couldn't quite stop long enough to take the picture, so some are a little blurry.  Maybe that is how her world is though--one big wonderful blur!

I think someone turned the camera around on her.
Yeah, about this picture...
She thinks Rosie the Roomba is our pet.
Daddy, Pappaw Jeff, and Uncle Carl who L.G. calls "Car-der".

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  1. Hi stopping by from a Friday blog hop. And now following you. Your daughter is so cute! I also have a two year old who just never slows down. The pictures are an adorable memory. Have a fantastic New Year. :)



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