The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Advent Calendar Tutorial

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Calendar Tutorial

It's Day 4 of...

It's still not too late to make an advent calendar and begin counting down the days until Christmas.  Here's the tutorial for mine...
*box of favor tins (My tins came from Hobby Lobby.)
*glue dots
*hot glue gun
*paper & pencil
*strong magnets
*computer & printer
*number stickers (I used the stickers that came with the tins and printed numbers on them using this template.)
*cardboard container
*manger pieces (These also came from Hobby Lobby.)
*small candies

*Gather all of your supplies.

*Use one of the lids from the tins to trace a circle onto a piece of paper.  Cut out the paper circle, and use it as a pattern to cut out 24 fabric circles.

*Lay the fabric circles right side up and place a glue dot in the center of each one.

*Adhere a fabric circle to the inside of each tin lid.

*Place number stickers 1-24 onto the outside of each tin making sure to cover-up where the glue dot is visible.

*Glue a magnet to the back of each tin.

*The package of tins came with 24, so I used a small cardboard container for box number 25.  I decorated it with fabric and lace, attached a sticker to the front, and glued yet another magnet to the back.  Even though it is different than the other tins, it works out perfectly--making box number 25 more special than the rest!

*Each tin houses a couple pieces of candy.  I wanted to make this a really meaningful advent calendar for Lydia Grace, so I also included a bible verse and a small manger figurine or item that goes along with the verse.

*All 25 passages from the bible collectively tell the Christmas story--the birth of Jesus.

*Here is a copy of the bible verses that I used.

 *I lined up all of the tins on the refrigerator.  Each day, L.G. and I have opened one together.  It has been a great way to share the story of Christ's birth with her.

The Christmas countdown is on!


  1. This is such a cute idea. Love the little angles! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love you to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home


    P.S. I have a linky every Monday would love you to stop by Monday and link up.

  2. This is so cute!! I really like it. And so handy to have on the refridgerator! I'm a new follower!!

  3. Oh my gosh.. I think this is my favorite advent ever.. Love the story it tells and that it is accessible by being on the fridge!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  4. This is beyond precious, Jenn! What a wonderful idea!

  5. Oh my word! I am bookmarking this for next year! I am SO making an advent calendar like this! Love it! We would love it if you would please link up with us for Fun Stuff Fridays.


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