The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Maternity Leave

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maternity Leave

As my maternity leave came to a close today, I began thinking about all the things that I had meant to do these past six weeks but didn't get to...

I began thinking about all of the things my kids will do that I will miss while I am at work tomorrow and all of the other upcoming workdays...

And just like every other time when I have had a taste of what it would be like to stay home only to have to return to work the tears started coming...

To cheer myself up, I started looking at pictures I had taken during these last several weeks.  I tried to turn my thoughts to more positive things--like the special times I have been blessed to share with my kids during this sabbatical from work.

I started trying to focus on the things like...

nature walks

visits to the zoo

catching up on some well needed R&R

playing at the park

first smiles

cooking with my little kitchen helper

fall picnics

going to "Mornings with Mommy"

carving pumpkins

snuggling with my sweeties


playing together at The Little Gym

visiting the library

and the million other amazing moments that I did get to spend with my two loves these past six weeks!

Will I be crying on my way out the door tomorrow morning?
Will I need a little pep talk from my own mother on the way to work?

Will I pull up these pictures on my computer at work just to get through the day?

Yes!  Yes!  And YES!


thinking back on these special times has certainly helped to cheer me up.


  1. aww...this is just so touching and sweet! sending hugs and strength for this day! they will be waiting for you with open arms!!! the best part of leaving is coming home : )

  2. I hope you are doing well.
    I know that going back to work must have been difficult, but I know that you are strong!
    Sending prayers your way!!!



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