The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Pennants and Pom Poms in the Classroom

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pennants and Pom Poms in the Classroom

At the end of each school year, I have to pack up my classroom with the end result being this...

 It is a bit of a daunting sight to see when I have to walk back into the room at the beginning of each school year and turn it into some sort of version of this...

This year I felt like my room needed a little more color and joy.  Inspired by this picture...

I thought...  
What could be happier than pennants and pom poms?

So in between teaching my new kiddos,
making a hallway bulletin board to match the "Lights!  Camera!  Read!" theme for the year,

organizing the books into bins,

preparing the reading center,

sewing and hanging curtains,

spending time with Lydia Grace after work, and falling into bed each night utterly exhausted...

I have been trying to work a little magic with tissue paper, ribbon, and card stock.
Whew!  What a busy two weeks.  The room just feels like a happier place to be though.


  1. It looks like such a fun learning environment!
    Pom Poms make me think Dr. Seuss which makes my heart happy!
    Here is to wishing you a WONDERFUL school year!
    When did the kiddos start back to school?
    How long will you have a sub after the little one arrives?

  2. o my heck this looks so fun!!!

  3. I love how fun & pretty your classroom looks with the special things you did. I shared this on my "things I like thursday" post today. Here's the link:


  4. What child would want to spend all day in your classroom learning!?!? I think I need to add pom-poms and pendants to our home school classroom. Thanks for inspiring.

  5. Wow, that a great classroom! I love all the colors!!! You put a lot of work into your classroom!



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