The Life of Jennifer Dawn: My Curly-Haired Princess

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Curly-Haired Princess

Everyone has some special feature that makes them unique--something that makes them just that...

For Lydia Grace, it is her curly hair.  We have never been able to go out in public without someone commenting on her curls.  Most of the time it is just sweet comments about her Shirley Temple ringlets.
But on several occasions...

Keep rockin' the curls, Miss Priss!


  1. People can ask the silliest questions! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous.

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  2. you have a beautiful daughter. i am following you from the hop. follow bak at

  3. Gorgeous!

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  4. Love it. I can relate as I had twins with the same kind of hair and had to hear that same comment like I WOULD have time to curl 2 tots hair without pulling out my own. haha

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  5. Beautiful Child! Like Shirley Temple! lol

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  6. Her hair is beautiful! People just ask stupid questions! Happy Friendly Friday!

  7. Her hair is beautiful. Those folks that ask must not have kids...they should know danged well you would have to hogtie the kid to curl her hair...well most kids...and I'm assuming she is pretty normal.

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  8. I totally had to laugh reading this post. My 11 month old baby has curly hair and I get so annoyed at people asking me if it's natural too. I am dying to tell someone I permed it just to get a reaction out of them. :)


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