The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Lydia Grace's New Playground

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lydia Grace's New Playground

 Wow!  This truly was a labor of love.  It took three grown men (L.G.'s Papa, Pappaw Jeff, and Daddy) three weekends to get her playground completed.  The biggest complication was figuring out how to stabalize it on our very slopped backyard.  The guys figured it out though, and Lydia Grace couldn't be happier with it.  Do you remember playing on swing sets when you were little--climbing, swinging, sliding, laughing...
Summer sometimes make me feel like a kid again.  Watching Lydia Grace play on her new playground really brings out the inner child...
She was patiently waiting to get on it for the first time.
She was asking me to climb up with her.
 I think someone has had a few too many classes at The Little Gym.

Lydia Grace would like to thank Papa, Pappaw Jeff, and Daddy for all their hard work.
Have you played today?


  1. What a beautiful playground! I hope she get's lots of enjoyment out of it! How are you feeling?


  2. OH MY word. We just ordered one and we have a sloped backyard too. I am very nervous about it all working out but hubby and friends need to worry about that..ha! Love every cutie patootie photos though!

  3. Adorable! I'm already following you! Just stopping in to see what is new and thanks for following me on Wednesday and Linking up in the Friendly Wednesday hop!! Have a great week. susieqtpies

  4. New follower from the Follow Back Wednesday Hop! What a lucky girl to have such an awesome playground! I remember when I was little I begged and begged for a huge playground and all I got was a tin swing-set LOL!

  5. What a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name playing on an awesome playground! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment on my blog too.

    Warmly, Michelle


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