The Life of Jennifer Dawn: L.G. Wearing Lil Blue Boo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

L.G. Wearing Lil Blue Boo

I have a huge blog crush on Lil Blue Boo.  You may have even seen the fairy village I posted last night that was completely inspired by the one she made and shared on her own blog.  She is truly one of the most talented ladies I have ever seen and a absolute celebrity in the blogging world.  During a recent sample sale of her handmade clothing, I managed to snag a few items for Lydia Grace...

A lovely dress...
*She grabbed up a pair of her Mimi's reading glasses and decided to try them on.  When my mom and I laughed about how cute she looked, she just started laughing with us and said, "I silly, mommy".  What a mess!

And an adorable skirt...

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