The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

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My mother use to make chocolate covered bananas for my sister and I when we were little.  It was one of many treats that she made for us as kids.  She always seemed to be whipping up some sort of magic in the kitchen.  Here is my attempt at passing along a childhood favorite to my daughter.

 *Tip: I placed my bananas in a freezer friendly container lined with parchment paper.
*Tip: While you are making the glaze, place the bananas back into the freezer so their chocolate shell can completely harden.
 Happy Eating!


  1. What a cool recipe - I'll try that!

  2. Those are mouthwatering!

  3. These look so yummy!! We would love them. Maybe you could roll them in chopped nuts.


  4. MMMM those look so delicious!! I've got to try them SOON!

  5. o my goodness this looks so yummy too!!! :)

  6. We are hosting an ICE CREAM theme linky party all this week! We'd love to have you come on by and link this delicious ice cream treat.

    Hope to see you there, Thanks a million!

  7. These looks delicious! It is so hot where I am and I have been eating popsicles like crazy . . . this is a great alternative! And I am positive that my kids will love them! Thank you so much for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday- we would LOVE to have you come back tomorrow and link up more of your great posts!
    -The Six Sisters
    PS We will be featuring these on our blog this week, so feel free to stop by and grab a button!

  8. Oh, this looks really delish! thanks for sharing1 have a lovely weekend!

  9. I saw you over at Six Sister's Stuff and these look amazing. They were selling them at our 24th celebration and when I finally got over there to buy one, they were all out! :( I'll definitely try these!

    Thanks, Emily

  10. If you roll them in salted peanuts w/o the's heaven! Had to go to a local ice cream stand to get these, but these look wonderful...for my winter cravings!1


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