The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Breakfast at Wimbledon

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Breakfast at Wimbledon

The ladies' final for Wimbledon 2011 aired this morning, so we enjoyed a breakfast that included the traditional strawberries and cream.

My mother has always been a big fan of tennis, so I think that is why I like it so much myself.  I played  both singles and doubles in high school--kicking myself that I didn't start playing at 5 when my parents first offered to pay for lessons.  After Eli is born, tennis is going to be my method of getting rid of the unwanted baby weight.

Lydia Grace has already taken to the sport at an early age.  She loves to be out on the court and to watch it on the television.  She had a blast this morning trying to imitate Sharapova's grunt during the final.
Here is my little tennis ace...

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  1. I love her enthusiasm!
    Who knows maybe someday it'll equate to a college scholarship ;)


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