The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Turning Two

Friday, March 18, 2011

Turning Two

Dear Lydia Grace,
 It is so hard to believe that on March 1 you turned two.  The last two years with you have been amazing.  Amazing--that seems like such a trite word to sum up two years of watching you grow, holding your little hands in mine, delighting in each new milestone, kissing your ouchies and tears away, laughing and smiling with you, seeing your personality unfold, and being blessed to have you as a daughter.  I am amazed at how much you have grown.  You are no longer my little baby.  You are my precious two year old toddler who likes to be very independent, who has developed a love for many things (family, playing outside, trains, Beauty and the Beast, playing with toys, Mickey Mouse, pasta, cheese, chocolate, fruit, the color red, music, animals, going to The Little Gym, elephants...), and who is becoming more and more vocal in conversation.  I always love to hear what you have to say!  You are an absolute joy, and I thank God for  you everyday.  I have prayed for you each day too--just like my mother still does for me.  I pray that you will grow to love the Lord, and that he will guard you and keep you safe.  I also pray for your life to be as happy and fulfilled as he has made my life by blessing me with you!  Two is just the beginning of this beautiful adventure!

Your Mommy

Your Birthday!

 Your Party!


  1. So precious! I loved reading your letter to her.

  2. Happy Birthday to Lydia!
    What a beautiful party :D


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