The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday!

It's a great day to praise the LORD!
If that doesn't put you in a mood to praise him this Sunday, then maybe these will...

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  1. Such a convicting, inspiring verse -- makes me what to leap to my feet in joy (and it's early, early on Sunday morning, so that would be impressive indeed!).

    Lovely to meet you here, Jennifer...

  2. It IS a great day to praise God!!! While I am used to praising Him quietly to myself, sometimes we just have to be LOUD and shout it to the world!

  3. I love this verse.. and you did an awesoem job of adding illustration! You made my day!

  4. I will praise His name, the name of Jesus, Forever! Thank you for some inspiration this morning since we are all down and out with the flu and can't get to church. :)

  5. Oh, love the piano! What a great pairing with that worshipful, joyful verse!

  6. Well I guess I did that: I already played my flute at service this morning!:)
    And I promise I have not forgotten about sending you the devotional planner! Its on its way!

  7. Aaaah this makes me miss our piano. We had a great morning of praise at church. I cling to this through the week...sing the songs...until next week, when I am reminded of new/different ones!

  8. Every day is a great day to Praise GOD !!!! he loves it and I need to praise him more for he is awesome

  9. Lovely reminds me of a song. Let every breathe Praise Him. Thanks for sharing this.


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