The Life of Jennifer Dawn: At The Little Gym

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At The Little Gym

 *WARNING:  This post may contain some shameless mommy bragging.*

Lydia Grace has been going to The Little Gym for almost a year now.  It is a great activity for Tim and I to do with her, and I have really seen it's positive effects.  Since it was the end of the semester, all of the children were awarded a ribbon.  I just couldn't help but capture lots of pictures of my little gymnast!
  One of her favorite gym activities is the parachute.

I am amazed at how balanced she has become.

 Risk taking is a skill they work on at TLG, and Lydia Grace has really excelled in that area.
Here is her initial reaction to the bubbles being brought out...

I just don't know where she gets all those expressive looks.  Okay, maybe I do.

Football, anyone?

She was so proud of her ribbon!

And I am SO PROUD of her!


  1. Here expression for the bubble just made my day!
    I'm smiling ear to ear!
    She adorable & I'm sure you are a proud mama!

  2. Wow, you deserve to do some mommy boasting -- she is a doll. Those curls!

  3. AHHH I love it! She is beautiful Jenn!

  4. she is so precious!!


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