The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Ruffle Stocking Tutorial

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ruffle Stocking Tutorial

It's Day 2 of...

Ruffle Stocking Tutorial

*Basic sewing supplies (scissors, needle, pins, thread, measuring tape...)
*Sewing machine
*Paper and pencil
*Felt (an 8 1/2 by 11 in. sheet and a larger "stocking-sized" piece off a roll of felt)
*Fabric that coordinates with the felt

1. Stocking: Draw or trace a stocking onto paper to create your pattern.  Use the pattern to cut out one stocking shaped piece of fabric and one stocking shaped piece of felt.
2. Pin the two pieces wrong sides together, and machine stitch around the edges.

3. Use your pinking shears to cut along the edges excluding the top of the stocking.

4. Ruffle: Take your 8 1/2 by 11 in. sheet of felt and fold it in half lengthwise twice.  Cut along the folds to create four strips.  (Two of these strips will be used to make the ruffle.)

5. Place two of the strips on top of each other and machine stitch along the two shorter ends.  Once the two strips of felt are sewn together, baste along the top in order to gather the fabric into a ruffle.  Pull on the threads to continue gathering the fabric until it is small enough to match up to the top rim of the stocking.    

 6. With your stocking still turned wrong-side-out, pin the ruffle around the outside rim of the stocking (wrong sides together).  Sew a seam right over the top of the ruffle and stocking to secure them together.  Turn the stocking right side out and fold the ruffle over onto the outside of the stocking.  You may have to work with the fabric a bit to get it to lay the way your want it to and use pins to hold it into place. Sew along the top of the stocking about 1/4 from the edge in order to make the ruffle lay correctly.

7. Yo-yo: Cut out a circle of felt with a diameter of about 6 in.

8. Hand sew a running stitch around the circumference of the circle.

9. Pull the thread tight to gather the outside of the circle to the middle.  Then secure it with a few stitches.

10. Sew a button onto the you-you and a small rectangular strip of felt onto the top inside corner of the stocking creating a loop for hanging.


  1. This is so pretty! I love your polka dot fabric and the ruffle : )

  2. Hi Looks FAB! Love how you did the ruffle

  3. Woo hoo – right on time! I just started cutting out some mini-stockings for an ornament swap and was trying to figure out a quick easy way to put in the linings – thank you so much!


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