The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Glass Ornament Tutorial

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glass Ornament Tutorial

It's Day 22 of...

Someone asked me the other day if it had been hard doing this series and completing so many projects in just a month.  The answer: It has depended on the day.

On most days it has been easy.  Yesterday...not so much.  Here was my day...
Warning:  If you do not want to hear me rambling on about my crazy busy day...Just skip the whole italicized part and jump down to the tutorial.

If you are still reading this part, consider yourself warned that I am about to go on a rambling tirade.  My day yesterday...

*Up early for work after staying up late to make a special treat for the kids at school.
*A busy, hectic half-day in 4th grade.  (The kids got some reading time in.  We analyzed a poem.  Played a simile and metaphor game.  Ate a yummy snack of cell-o which is just fruit jell-o.  The jell-o serves as the cytoplasm and the fruit represents the other cell parts.  Mandarin oranges are the mitochondria.  Cherries are the vacuoles.  Bananas are the...  Well, you get the point.  I graded papers while the kids were in special areas and set-up the class store for them to do some shopping and utilize those math money skills.  Dismissal began at 11 am.)
*Tim brought Lydia Grace to me at work where I had to juggle her, cleaning up the room, and loading the car with things to take home over the break.
*At 12:15 my Holiday Break officially started.  FREE FROM WORK FOR TWO WEEKS!
*I rushed to my mom's, fed Lydia Grace lunch, put her down for a nap, and rushed to a Dr.'s appointment where I about fell asleep waiting to see the Dr. I thought I was going to pass out right there in the cold, hard waiting room chair.
*Then I drove back to my mom's where I played with Lydia Grace and fed her dinner.
*Ran some Christmas errands with my mom, sister, and Lydia Grace.
*Drove home, arrived at 9:30 p.m. (Yes, I know that Lydia was up past her bedtime.), unloaded the car, and helped Tim put L. G. to bed.
*Then I needed to come up with a craft, finish it, and get it posted?!  Are you kidding?!  I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep since I would be up early the next morning for an 8:30 appointment at the car servicing place.  Have you had days like that?  Well, I had to do some quick thinking on something to make that would be super easy.

The solution: Handmade Glass Ornaments.  I have a whole box of ornament making supplies since I love making them.  See...

Do you need to do some last minute crafting to come up with a gift for someone.  Here's how to make your own ornaments.

Glittered Ornaments
*Glass ornaments from the craft store
*Spray adhesive
*Glue or glue dots
*An ornament hanger (optional)
*Paint (optional)
*Ribbon, beads, fabric, or other embellishment

Decoupaged Ornaments
*Glass ornaments
*Mod Podge
*Pretty paper
*Glue or glue dots
*An ornament hanger (optional)
*Ribbon beads, fabric, or other embellishment

Glittered Ornaments
1. Take the top off of one of the glass ornaments.  Spray the adhesive into the opening of the ornament.  Be generous with the adhesive and swirl the ornament around to completely coat the inside of the glass.

2. Pour glitter inside the glass ornament and shake it up.  Cover the opening with your finger or thumb while shaking.  Pour out any excess glitter.

3. Replace the top to the ornament.
4. Use a hanger to hold your ornament while you work on painting the outside or gluing on embellishments.

5. For a quick embellishment, just tie a bow out of fabric and glue it onto the ornament.

Decoupaged Ornaments
You can also decoupage your glass ornament.  For this one, I used a textured mulberry paper.  Just tear up pieces of paper and glue them on piece by piece using Mod Podge.

Isn't that simple, quick, and cute?!


  1. Can I just say I **BIG PUFFY HEART** glitter?? Those are so shiny and awesome without being messy! Thanks for sharing! tai @ taidye original

  2. Thanks for the links to your headbands! So much fun! And I love these ornaments. I like that you put the glitter on the inside so it doesn't rub off. Very smart!
    Little Country Corner

  3. Love that blue glitter ornie! We made some a few days ago using floor wax as the adhesive. Who woulda thunk it uh?!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  4. Sparkle ornaments rock - they look gorgeous with the lights! Love yours!

  5. Love those chica!!! I didn't realize the glitter ornaments were so easy to make! And I really do like the decoupage one! Thanks for the ideas! :) xo, Reannah


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