The Life of Jennifer Dawn: A Day in Snapshots

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Day in Snapshots

I saw this (click here) awesome idea at Mama Manifesto.  The premise behind it is to capture the essence of the day by taking snapshots of all of its simple, beautiful moments.  Now I know that they suggest doing it on the tenth of each month and capturing one shot per hour for ten hours, but I changed the rules a bit and did my own version.

Tim had some things planned for his Lydia Grace and I spent a wonderful day together.  Here was our Saturday--a peek straight into a day in The Life of Jennifer Dawn.

7 am: Started sewing another T-Shirt Dress for Lydia Grace.

8 am: Made a healthy breakfast of omega-3 eggs, whole grain cereal, yogurt, and juice for L. G. and me.

9 am: Bathtime!

10 am: Playtime while mommy gets ready!  One of the many luxuries of the weekend is that I don't have to be showered, dressed, and on the way out the door before seven in the morning.

11 am: Getting some snuggles in as I try to wrangle us both out the door to meet a friend at the mall for the Santa Parade, lunch, and shopping.  Nothing like going to the mall to get you in the holiday spirit.

11:30 am: Running late as usual...the parade was starting at this very moment.  Where were we?  Answer: In the car just pulling out of the subdivision.  We had a good excuse for running late though.  There was a milk disaster on our way out the door.  We were not going to cry over a little spilled milk though.

12 noon: Lunch!

1 pm: Taking a ride on the Santa Train.

 2 pm: Naptime in the car as we picked Mimi up and drove to a craft fair being held at the Expo Center this weekend.
3 pm: We saw so many cute things at the craft fair.  I may have to try to make one of these for Lydia Grace.
4 pm: You just have to splurge every once in a while.  There were so many yummy things to sample at the fair.

4:30 pm: Leaving the fair with a Stampin Up' coloring pad compliments of Mimi.

5 pm: Dinner at Mimi and Papa's.  Papa is recovering from surgery right now.  I am sure that seeing Lydia Grace was some good medicine though.

6 pm: A spot of tea with my mother.

7 pm: Home Sweet Home!

8 pm: Bedtime for Lydia Grace!

What a great day!  What did you do today?

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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! Thanks for dropping by Mama Manifesto and joining in the fun. I did a series of photos of my day on my personal blog too.

    PS. Love you're daughter's name :-)


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