The Life of Jennifer Dawn: A Pink Tutu for my Princess

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Pink Tutu for my Princess

Lydia Grace loved the Belle Tutu so much--the one I donated to the Tutu Drive--that I decided to make her a pink, fluffy tutu
 What is it about a tutu that makes a little girl want to prance around like a fairy?  The moment I put it on her, she began dancing around the house saying, "Tutu!  Tutu!"  Well, my sweet girl...this tutu is for you to keep, play dress-up with , and feel like a princess in.  
Prance, twirl, dance, and smile...


  1. Thanks for stopping by.
    What a the tutu. I would have loved one of those growing up.

  2. Super cute! Glad you added the big flower, I was thinking about adding one to the one that I want to make, it looks fabulous! Great job!

  3. I love this tutu, I can see why she wanted one for herself. Your little girl is so very cute!


  4. love the tutu...something magical about that floaty fabric!

  5. So pretty! Love all that girly goodness.

  6. Lydia Grace is sooo cute and so is that tu tu!

  7. Adorable! She's so glamorous with her necklaces & tutu!!

    I just made a red one last night for my baby. I didn't have quite enough pink tulle, but a pink one is next on the to-do list!



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