The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Photo Wreath

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Wreath

I oringinally made this as a way to display pictures at Lydia's birthday party. I wanted a simple way to show our party guests her progression from miraculous, tiny infant to beautiful, smiling toddler. The idea of a photo wreath came to mind. It acts as a clock showing the passing of time over the last year.

After the party, I hung it in her room.
These are so simple to make. Gather some clothespins. (I used the small-sized clothespins.)
Cover the fronts with fabric, paper, or stickers.  (If you use paper or fabric, Mod Podge can be used to get the paper or cloth material to stick.)
Create and compile a collection of tags and photos.
Pin the pictures and tags around a circular, metal ring using the clothespins. (This particular metal ring came from Hobby Lobby.)
Hang your photo wreath!

Idea Extension:
*Change the pictures around to always have the most current ones displayed.  For older children, hang a picture for each year.
*Use this idea to hang your child's artwork.
*Clip on reminders, "to do" lists, and appointments cards.  Hang it in your mudd room or by your back door as a means of keeping you and your busy family informed and organized.
*This is also a great way to display and enjoy cards recieved around birthdays and various holidays.

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  1. Such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm stopping by from Frugalicious Friday. :)

    - Michele

  2. Wow! A photo wreath!! What a cute idea! I love it!


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