The Life of Jennifer Dawn: February 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Break

I'm taking a little blog break...

1. I have a sinus infection and am not feeling 100%.
2. My school is having their SACS review this week, so work is pretty stressful right now.
3. My daughter is having her first birthday party in a couple of weeks.  I'm so excited about this party, but it is going to be a lot of work.  I can't just halfway do it...I'm going all out to make the "sweetest" party I can for her.
4. I also have to focus some of my free time on finding childcare for Lydia Grace while mommy and daddy are at work.  Our current sitter is moving, so we have to make other arrangements.

Thanks for understanding.  Be back soon with lots to share.

 In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few random pictures of Lydia Grace.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ABC Weekends: "E" is for Eat Something New

First there was snow...
Then there was sickness...
Last weekend we finally had a weekend without snow or sickness and got the chance to continue on with our ABC Weekends.

E was for EAT something new!

1. Go through the store looking for for foods that you have never tried.
2. Pick three things each--a drink, a dessert, and a miscellaneous food item.
3.All three items must be taken home and consumed no matter how weird or crazy they may seem.

I thought this would be a breeze...
Tim and I have tried some pretty "out there" things from all over the world like...

Coconut milk in Central America

Plantains in Belize

Seafood served over green rice in Spain

Gallo Pinto and a mystery meat (back when I ate meat) on a mission trip to Nicaragua...
I could go on and on...

The point is...I thought it would be an easy challenge and that the hardest part would actually be finding something we haven't tried.  Let's just say that eating some of the things we picked out ended up being more of a challenge than I originally expected though.

Welcome to Tim and Jenn's Eat Something New Restaurant!
May I start you off with something to drink.
We have goji juice that is drinkable after the third or fourth sip and some cream soda that was never drinkable and should have been left at the store.  (Yuck.)

As an appetizer we are serving pickle flavored Pringles.  Yes, that's right.  They taste like pickles! 
For dinner we have a lovely tossed salad with bright green salad dressing.  The dressing is called Green Goddess.  (Only the lettuce should be allowed to be this green though.)

Finally for dessert we are serving Mango Ice Cream (too weird) and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Klondikes.  (Thank goodness for something normal!)

I can't say that I would buy anything other than the Klondikes again, but this was a fun experience.  Don't worry...we didn't feed Lydia Grace any of the weird stuff.

Proof that trying new things is as easy as ABC! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Challenge (Entry No. 3)

Here is my third and final entry for the Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Challenge.

For this outfit I used Lil BlueBoo's pattern for a Recycled T-Shirt Ruffle Skirt.  Another one of Tim's old t-shirts was cut up...all in the name of fashion.  I made stencils and stenciled words having to do with Lydia Grace onto the t-shirt fabric.  Click here for more details on how I created the fabric.
The stenciled t-shirt fabric was used to make the ruffle skirt.  I also used one of the stencils to dry brush words onto a Faded Glory t-shirt, added a button embellishment to the t-shirt, made a matching "Cute As A Button" hair bow, and paired my three creations (skirt, shirt, and bow) with coordinating leggings and shoes.
  Here is Lydia Grace's fun new look.
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Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Design Challenge (Entry No. 2)

Here is my second entry for the Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Design Challenge!
For this outfit I wanted to make something more dressy than the first outfit.  I also wanted a look that would be whimsical and fun.  Lil Blue Boo's Paper Doll Dress Pattern was the perfect pattern to use!  I made a few modifications--the straps snap to the inside of the dress instead of buttoning on the outside and I used ribbon and yo-yo flowers for the front instead of pockets with doll appliques.  A matching yo-yo flower headband completes the look.

Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Design Challenge (Entry No. 1)

Yay!  The deadline for the Lil Blue Boo and Dharma Trading Design Challenge is finally here!  I have three entries that I am submitting.  

This first outfit was designed to mix Lil Blue Boo's Recycled T-Shirt Ruffle Skirt Pattern with my own Onesie Dress Pattern.

Using one of Tim's old t-shirts I made the ruffle skirt and sewed it to a Gerber onesie.  T-shirt scraps were used to add ruffles to the rump of the onesie.
  I also embellished the onesie by adding a cute ruffle and buttons on the front and ribbon around the tops of the skirt tiers.
  It makes a great play dress for Lydia Grace.  One of my "Cute As A Button" Bows tops the whole thing off.