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Saturday, January 23, 2010

C is for Car Trip...

C is for a car trip to the college campus where Tim and I met years ago in Chemistry class.  Tim and I traveled to Johnson City last Saturday (January 16).

Sadly, I accidentally left my camera behind, so I have no pictures of our adventure down memory lane.  However, I decided to improvise and pull out some photos from our college days.
(That is why it has taken me so long to put this post up.)

First Stop: Lunch at Pal's
In college it's all you can afford to eat--you can't live without it.
Out of college you don't want to live without it.

Second Stop: Historic Jonesborough

Yep!  That's me my junior year of college visiting the beautiful, historic town just minutes from campus.  I would often visit Historic Jonesborough to get away from campus for awhile.  It is a place I still love to visit.  (Click on this link to see pictures of my visit prior to this one where I went with Lydia Grace, my mom, and my sister.)

Third Stop: ETSU
We went to Brown Hall where we first met in CHEM 1.  We were hoping the doors would be unlocked so we could go into the classroom where we met, but the building was tightly secured for the weekend.  Well, except for that one open window that Tim tired to get into by scaling the building.  All he accomplished was falling into a bush though.  Luckily ETSU is a "dead" campus on the weekends, so there wasn't anyone around to see what we were up to.

We strolled Lydia Grace past the "Tree House", business building, and education building where we continued our tour through the Culp Center and library.  All the while reminiscing on our times spent there...

During my college days, I spent much of my time hanging out with friends, doing things with my sorority, participating in community service with Volunteer ETSU, and (of course) going to class.

Tim spent most of his college days working for ETSU's athletic program, interning with the Johnson City Cardinals and the Kingsport Mets, playing intramural football with friends, and finishing both his undergraduate and graduate studies.

College had been an amazing time for both of us!

Fourth and Final Stop: Cheddar's for Dinner
We finished up this memorable day by having a nice dinner at Cheddar's.  (The place we would eat at in college when we weren't broke.)

What a great day!
Proof that reliving the past is as fun and easy as ABC!

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