The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Chocolate Pretzels

Monday, December 28, 2009

Chocolate Pretzels

I know you are probably getting sick of all things pertaining to Christmas and even more sick of holiday food (at least until next year). I just had to show you this neat gift idea though.

Step 1: Coat and decorate pretzel rods with chocolate and sprinkles.Step 2: Place the chocolate coated pretzels onto trays.Step 3: Refrigerate for 15 minutes.Step 4: Put the pretzels into gift bags.Step 5: Use card stock to make personalized labels for your bags of pretzels.Step 6: Staple the labels onto the pretzel bags.Now you have a personalized, yummy gift for everyone on your list.

This idea can be tweaked to make it an appropriate gift or favor for any event. Use them as birthday favors, party treats, or holiday goodies.

Happy eating!

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