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Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to Blogging...

Have you missed Lydia Grace's face smiling at you from the computer screen? Have you been lost with my ramblings on crafts, recipes, and life as a mom, wife, and teacher living in Tennessee?

Well, there is no way you have missed my blog posts as much as I have missed posting them. Where have I been? Oh, I have been around. I have just been camera-less and cranky about it. My camera was stolen right out my classroom. There were many pictures that were lost too. I had not uploaded everything from my camera (Lydia's baby dedication, pictures of my grandmother holding Lydia...). It is a long story that just makes me irritated to even think about.

Having something so precious (the pictures more than the camera) stolen from me left me disappointed, depressed, and disillusioned. There was a time when a teacher's desk was off limits. There was a time when children and adults alike had a sense of morality. There was a time when parents taught their children right from wrong...

I want to believe those times aren't gone, but the new camera I bought yesterday will not be going back to school because I don't want to loose another camera or my pictures. I also don't want to loose the ability to snap moments of my life and to share those moments with you.

I know that so many of you read this to stay updated on Lydia Grace. You don't type many comments, but you talk to me about the posts. I love having this blog as a means of sharing with you, so I am back now with a brand new digital camera.

And Lydia loves mommy's new camera.

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