The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Concert Surprise

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Concert Surprise

Two weekends ago I surprised Tim with tickets to see David Cook in concert. I got him to meet me downtown after work on the premise that we were going to have a dinner date at La Costa (delicious fish tacos). Lydia's Mimi agreed to watch her and knew all about my little plan. My sister didn't think I would make it through dinner without telling him what else was going on. I have never been the best at surprises. She was so wrong...I didn't even make it to dinner without telling him. Oh well...he was still surprised. Here's how the big reveal went.

Tim: Sorry I am a little late meeting you. There are tons of idiots crowded around the Tennessee Theater, and I couldn't get through.
: Oh really?!
: Yeah, I haven't even heard about anyone famous being in town tonight. Anyway, I am glad we are going to dinner tonight. This should be fun.
: Well, we are doing a little bit more than going to dinner.
: Oh, are we going to a movie too?
: Not quite. We are actually joining those "idiots" crowded around the theater to see...David Cook in concert.
: No way! You are kidding me! How could I not have known about this?! I know you are just joking! You couldn't keep a secret like that.
: I am serious! Come on let's get to dinner, so we can make it to the concert on time.

I don't think he believed me until I picked up the tickets at Will Call. He was very surprised and excited...especially when he found out that the tickets were for seats on the 7th row, it was Cook's 100th show, and everyone was getting free t-shirts. See I can keep some things a surprise. We had a great time!

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