The Life of Jennifer Dawn: In Loving Memory of Robert L. Friese Jr.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Loving Memory of Robert L. Friese Jr.

Bobby was many things to the people who knew him. He was a son, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, and motorcycle riding companion. To my sister and I though, he was our fun loving uncle. On Wednesday, July 22, 2009, he was suddenly and tragically taken from this world and the people who knew him. The single vehicle accident that claimed his life quickly reminded his family and friends that we are never guaranteed tomorrow. When we lose someone we knew and loved, it is only natural to think back on the times we shared with that individual. Everyone has their own memories of Bobby, but these are just some of the special times I remember sharing with my Uncle Bobby.

I remember watching as he rescued a puppy down on the farm. He pulled it out from underneath a truck and handed it to my sister and I as we squealed with delight.

I remember the stories my mom has told us about when her, David, and Bobby were kids. Boy, did he have a mischievous streak!

I remember riding my first horse with Uncle David on one side, pappaw leading the horse, and Uncle Bobby on the other side.

I remember the time when Bobby rescued me from the rooster flogging the door of the chicken coup. I was inside the coup holding the door shut and screaming for help, the rooster was trying to get to me, and Bobby was cracking up laughing the whole way as he came to save me. Let me just say...he took his grand ole' time getting up there.

Bobby was young at heart, and I remember his love for cartoons. He had tapes of Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther, and other animated classics that we loved to watch with him.

I remember getting visits from Bobby even when we lived as far away as Atlanta, Georgia.

My sister and I remember the fairy tale videos, koala bears, and the other thoughtful gifts he gave at Christmas. Not may people knew what a good shopper Bobby was.

I remember playing and swinging together on our swing set when he came to visit. At times, he was just a big kid.

When Allison and I were little, he would pick on us, give wet willies, tickle us, and swing us around until we begged for mercy. I remember his playful side.

I remember Bobby driving my mom, mammaw, Uncle David, and I to my Great Uncle Harrison's funeral. Bobby informed us that we were only staying long enough to be polite. A couple hours later, we had to hunt Bobby down to finally leave. He had been too busy drinking coffee and mingling with everyone to realize how much time had passed.

I especially remember HIS LAUGH! I could never forget that cackling, hearty, bellowing, and loud laugh of his.

Despite his good natured personality, Bobby's life wasn't always easy. There were bumps in the road. His death seems untimely and tragic...especially when considering the ones he left behind. For years, Bobby has cared for and looked after his parents (my mammaw and pappaw). On Friday, July 24, 2009, they buried their oldest son. It was every parent's worst nightmare--to lose a child. Looking back on Bobby's life, I choose to remember the good times though. I choose to remember Bobby with the mischievous grin and laughing eyes. I choose to remember the man that would have done anything in the world for the people he knew and loved.

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  1. Jennifer,
    What wonderful and now cherished memories you have of your uncle Bobby! I am glad you choose to remember the good things about him. I am praying for you and your family during this sad time.
    God Bless,
    Cay Lowery


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