The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Fourth of July Weekend

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Some of my favorite Fourth of July memories from childhood include: family, homemade ice cream, apple pie, hot dogs (As a kid, I ate meat. Now it is veggie dogs and veggie burgers for me.), backyard cookouts, fireworks, Wimbledon, baseball...

My ALL TIME favorite Fourth of July memory is of my sister, mom, dad, and I sitting in the back of my dad's Chevrolet truck on a muggy Georgia night in downtown Atlanta. We lived in a suburb just south of Atlanta at the time, and we had driven downtown that night. There we were...sitting there...sipping coke floats and watching the firework shoot up over the city skyline. Although that was a priceless moment, this Fourth of July--Lydia's first Fourth of July--had its own beautiful moments...

Spending time with Lydia on her first Fourth of July...
Lydia looking patriotic in her RED, WHITE, and BLUE... Going to Tim's mom's house for Doug and Emily's Baby Shower... Spending time with our families as we ate an obscene amount of delicious foods. (Sorry but there are no pictures of the food. I was too busy eating it to actually stop and take a picture.) Here is a picture of Lydia feasting though. My sweet girl, just wait until you can eat "grown-up" food...Going to the World's Fair Park in Downtown Knoxville to listen to the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra...And to watch the fireworks shot from the Henley Street Bridge...Spending time with my hubby...
It was a great Fourth of July!


  1. and spending time with Allison...your wonderful sister and amazing aunt.

  2. I said spending time with family. You are a wonderful sister and amazing aunt! :)


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