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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Reading

Lydia, Lydia's Mimi, and I went to the Children's Reading Festival at the World's Fair Park on Saturday, May 30. There were books, authors, illustrators, live performances, food, fun, and much more. It was the "kick-off" to the Knox County Public Library System's Summer Reading Program. Lydia is participating as a "listener". She has to listen to 20 books this summer. That should be a breeze considering she is read to everyday. Adults can participate too by reading 4 books of their own this summer. Studies show that reading to your child is so important especially in the first years of their life.
We bought Lydia the book Say Daddy! at the festival and had it autographed by the author Michael Shoulders. The book is an enchanting tale of family members each sharing a special book with the new baby in the family. As each member of the family reads to the child they encourage the baby to say their name--"Say Mommy", "Say Uncle", "Say Daddy". When the baby finally says his first is a word that delights everyone. I will let you read you the book yourself to find out what that word is...

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