The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Oh Happy Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

For those of you that need an update...we were still left with some concerns after Lydia got out of the hospital on Good Friday. To make a long, stressful story short...Lydia's white blood cell count was still at 20,000 (normal: 5,000-15,000), and her platelet count was 900,000 (normal: 150,000-400,000). An X-ray revealed that calcified stool was present in her intestines. Her old doctors threw around words like: concerned, not good, blood disorder, no spleen, bone marrow disorder... They wanted to start testing her weekly. In other words they wanted to stick her with needles on a weekly basis after Lydia's grand total of being stuck with needles is already well over 60 times, and she is only 10 weeks old. May I add that one of these "sticks" was a spinal tap.

Anyways...back to the story since I promised to make it short. We switched doctors for several reasons that I won't get into. We are now with an amazing doctor that has thrown out words like: she looks healthy, perfect, thriving, I'll figure these high numbers out, don't want to stick her anymore than necessary, I treat children and not numbers... Tim and I left that appointment feeling like a million pounds had been lifted off our shoulders. He told us he would call when he had some time to look through her file.

He called today after looking through doctors' reports, hospital reports, and our own notes. He says that he thinks it is just her body's response to the previous sickness that she was hospitalized for. It is his professional opinion that the numbers will come down and wants to proceed with another blood test and begin the immunizations that have been delayed up to this point.

We are thrilled with this news. We are praying that the next blood test comes back normal. Let us hope for words like: CBC looks great, no problems, everything looks wonderful, no more sticks or tests... That will truly be a happy day!

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